Entretien des Vignes

To protect and maintain the ecosystem of the vines, the vineyard is managed in an natural integrated manner. Thus, we avoid the use of products which could endanger the health of the vine, and poisons for fauna and flora.
Insecticides are used sparingly and only after observation of damage caused by the parasite.
We do not use any anti-botrytis agents. In order to obtain a good circulation of air throughout the vines, we practice partial stripping. Conditions are then much less favorable for development of the fungus which is responsible for the rot.
Only organic fertilizers, which we ourselves manufacture, are used according to the specific needs for each area.
This management of the vineyard makes it possible to preserve a good structure of the ground, while limiting harvest to small quantities.


The old vines, from 25 to 65 years, were visually selected for the quality of their fruits : small berries, with thick skins - a guarantee of a quality wine which will be deeply colored, complex and have refined tannins.
The small output allows obtaining grapes of great quality, naturally concentrated and balanced, becoming fully ripe.
New plantings are carried out with seedlings selected for the small size of the berries they will produce, guaranteeing great quality, color and fine tannins.

The harvest is carried out exclusively with the hand. We collect whole bunches, which preserves the integrity of grapes and their potential aromatic qualities until their arrival in fermenting room.
This manual method also enables us to sort the grapes in the vineyard, and to integrate into the crop only healthy and ripe fruits.